8th March 2018

Basketball Article



Basketball became popular because of how many people found out of it. Since Basketball is so cheap and easy to play for most, that is why it is so popular. All you need is a basketball, or any type of ball, and a basket. In the old days they used peach baskets. Another reason of why it became popular is because you can practice by yourself, or with very little players (like one on one).  Woman also don’t really play sports like American Football, but they can play Basketball which makes it popular because different genders can freely play it. It’s not only because of what I stated above it is also because there is so much to learn about the sport, you can do various moves, dribbling, shooting style. The rules are there but you can also make your own way around them by playing in your own style, example of this is streetball, compared with the NBA. Streetball is a varied version of basketball that people will play outside, beside beaches, parks, in town, etc. Instead of the NBA how you follow rules like different court formations, to win the game, in streetball you use your own individual talents to win, but still the rules are there. In Basketball, different skill levels can also apply to your points scored. The reason basketball is so popular is also because there is different skill gaps between shooters. Example, Stephen Curry, people admire how he shoots so well and there is debate that he is the best shooter yet, he shoots from deep, behind the 3pt line. The 3pt line gives 3 points, and it is much harder than a mid range (which gives 2 points), or a layup, which also gives 2 points. People with injuries that make them unable to walk can also play Basketball, this is called wheelchair basketball. Wheelchair basketball has similar rules to basketball but some rules won’t apply. I find myself, my opinion on basketball is that is a great sport and it can be played by anyone, even if they have no legs, or if they have one arm, there is room for everyone. I found that wheelchair basketball is played worldwide, and some people there can’t move their legs, so they use a wheelchair. Compared to other sports basketball in my opinion is a great way to express your skill, in a game, or on the street, or at school. If you’re smaller than usual there is a position for you, if you’re taller than most, there is also a position for you. Taking into positions, being tall, like a famous player named “Kevin Durant”, he is nearly 7ft tall, usually someone this size would play in the Center position (grabbing rebounds, working inside the paint, mid ranges), but he does that, and shoot 3’s. Usually a Center who can shoot 3’s would typically work in the corner, as it’s easier instead of the top of the 3 line, like Kevin Durant. The reason why Kevin Durant is so famous is because he has handles (able to control the ball around defenders), has a high vertical jump for dunking (slamming the ball into the hoop while touching the rim with one or two hands and grabbing it for a short time), and he has a nice jumpshot form. I find Kevin Durant my favourite player as well because of the above skills he has. He is good within the NBA, on and off the court he is hard working.




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  1. 3-4 Articles of this nature on the history of basketball would work well for the Reading journal. Especially if you can find ones that expand a little on the cultural impact of the sport in the US and elsewhere.

    Keep a record of all the articles on this page and I’ll help you develop a full response to them.



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