Dear (Name) I was looking at your available Building Apprenticeship and thought it was an excellent idea to Apply myself with this letter. I am definitely looking to learn new things and improve my skills within this Apprenticeship. I believe I would try my absolute best within this Apprenticeship, and can offer my talents to […] Basketball became popular because of how many people found out of it. Since Basketball is so cheap and easy to play for most, that is why it is so popular. All you need is a basketball, or any type of ball, and a basket. In the old days they used peach baskets. Another […]

When we use our phones we use letters in a short form instead of the actual word sometimes, example of this is “ttyl”. Ttyl means talk to you later, but the reason we say “ttyl”, instead of the actual word “talk to you later”, is because it is shorter, takes less time, and it is […]

jacob “hi” alex “yo” jacob “what’s up” alex “nm hbu” jacob “nm either wyd” alex “going 2 skatepark soon” jacob “oh ok nice, what tricks r u learning” alex “just a few new ones hard to explain yeh?” jacob “ok gl bro” alex “yea, ttyl?” jacob “yup ttyl prob tmrw ok?” alex “k, bye” jacob […]

josh – So Lakers and Wizards play today wesley – Wizards are gonna win I reckon’ Josh- You sure ? Wesley- Yeah Josh- Can they shoot good enough ? Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently Josh- I mean hes been struggling in the 4th quarter Wesley- True true but isn’t John Wall injured as […]

phone rings “yeh” “oh fanks for answerin’ geez know what I mean” “gimme dat” “where you been fool” “makin us rinse out our credit leavin’ you messages and dat” “Mr Dawes is well on the warpath is well on the warpath with you bruv yeh!” “cause of the bag and dat” “what bag?” “cause you […]

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